Commando Joe – Mission 8

‘ We all need someone to lean on’

We have now come to the end of our Commando Joe’s journey. This mission involved us transporting allied soldiers along a route. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers was injured and teams had to create a stretched which they could use to transport their soldier.


After the session, we evaluated ourselves against the respect framework.



Catching the Robbers

When we came to school on Tuesday we decided we needed to catch the robbers who stole Brixton Bear.

We deduced that it must have been Grandma Swagg from our story ‘Cops and Robbers’. We described her and made posters to show the rest of the school so they can look out for her.

When we got back from lunch we found foot prints on the floor. After measuring all of our feet and comparing tread patterns, we realised that is couldn’t have been anyone from the class. Just then, a letter arrived from Grandma Swagg explain that she was sorry that she stole Brixton because she wanted her own teddy bear to cuddle.

Where is Brixton Bear?

On Monday we returned from lunch to find Brixton Bear was missing. We looked at all of the clues and realised that some robbers had taken him.

We made posters to put around school and searched all of the classrooms but we could not find him.

When we looked outside we looked as a team in all of the trees, up high and down low, but we still couldn’t see him. When we looked in the last tree we saw him tied up! We worked as a team and thought of ways to get him down. We listened and tried all the ideas and finally freed him.

A visit from our local vicar

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Marian. She told us lots of interesting things about men from Rastrick, who went to fight during WW1. We explored a map of Rastrick and how it looked during that time. We are able to ask lots of questions.