Ancient Greece

To complete our topic complete on Ancient Greece we finished our painting our clay pots and masks.


Yesterday year 3/4 went to Magna on a Science trip. We had an amzing time we explored all the different areas air, fie,water and earth.

Take a look at what we got up to.

Dinosaur workshop

 Water whirl pool  Digging in the earth section.

Adam Whitehead Visits Field Lane!

We were lucky enough to have Olympic swimmer and gold and silver Commonwealth medalist Adam Whitehead visit our school today. The Children have been working hard to get sponsors to take part in exercises this afternoon.

We did; spotty dogs, star jumps, running legs from a push up and and push ups.

After, Adam hosted an assembly telling us all about his journey into swimming and allowed us to look at and even wear his Olympic tracksuit and gold medal!

We had a wonderful afternoon! Well done to everyone who took part and raised money.

Trying Vegetables

We were unsure of what celery was when we were readying ‘Supertato’ so today we tried some.

We smelt, felt and looked at it before tasting it. Most of us didn’t like it but still tried it.


Reception loved their bikeability workshops!

We used balance bikes to make our way across the playground and weave between the cones.


We love our new book ‘Supertato’.

Today we made our own Supertatos.

Frozen vegetables

Our new book ‘Supertato’ is set in a supermarket in the frozen aisle.

We explored frozen and refrigerated vegetables and their properties.


We have been very interested in superheroes in Wally class.

Today we made up our own superheroes and powers and designed our own capes.


Today we went to the porter cabin and made flatbreads. They were yummy…. even if the fire alarm did go off!!

Dance Showcase

Over the spring term, KS2 have been looking at street dancing. They have had the opportunity to be imaginative and creative to develop a routine and had the pleasure of showcasing it to the rest of the school and people at home.

Everyone involved did great!


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