Baking Bread in Elder Tree Class.

Elder Tree class had fun last week baking bread in our Literacy lessons. We discussed instructions and then write up our own instructions for baking the bread.

Busy Baking bread!
Having fun kneading the dough!

Paint Puddles

This week we made the most of the rain and used it to paint and mix puddles.

Field work

Following our field study in the local area, we have been looking at reading different maps and reading co-ordinates. We have learnt a lot about the human and physical features of our local area and will be looking at comparing these in futures lessons to a place in the Americas.

Americas Homework

Children have been busy at home completing some excellent homework. We have even been treated to a variety of different cake designs representing USA. The class enjoyed tasting these wonderful cakes baked at home.

Rocks and Soils

Holly Class are learning about different rocks and soils in Science. We have discussed the properties of different rocks and researched the work of Mary Anning – a famous fossil hunter!

We even drew portraits of Mary Anning, which we put on display as we were so impressed with them.


We loved exploring conkers today. We explored their leaves, shells and textures.

We can’t wait to use them in the classroom.

We Caught Her

We left a trap for Grandma Swagg to stop her stealing. We left the biscuits for her and when we came back from P.E they had gone and there was police tape.

Officer Pugh sent us an email explaining she was in jail and had hidden our treasure and snack somewhere in school.

We made maps and looked for clues around school together. We then found our snack and treasure hidden!

Charlie the Crocodile!!

Elder Tree Class had fun in Maths this week using Charlie the Crocodile to help with their understanding of greater and less than. The whole class played games with numbers up to 100. The crocodile was very full at the end after eating so many big numbers!!!!!

Grandma Swagg Strikes Again

Bad news! Grandma Swagg didn’t fall for our trap of the pretend treasure boxes! She stole our snack instead!!
We made our own plans on how to catch her in a different way.
We decided that the best idea was to leave more snack for her to come and take, then we would trap her and the police could take her away.

We designed biscuits thinking about shapes she might like and what colours and patterns she may like. We knew she liked flower and stripes because she wears them and red because of her red lipstick.

We then made our biscuits and decorated them as we had designed.
Next, we will leave the biscuits out and hope to catch her (we will eat some too).
We will let you know how it goes!!

Making Traps

Grandma Swagg has been spotted on the roof of school!
We have thought about how we could catch her to get our treasure back. We decided to make our own treasure boxes to trap her trying to take them!
We will let you know if we catch her.

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