Easter weekend

As we enter the Easter weekend enjoy; being at home with your families, play some board games, have an Easter egg hunt around your house or garden, watch a film together, make some Easter treats, create your Easter competition entry, read a book, go on your daily exercise walk with an adult, sit down as a family to eat.

While you are doing all this, please spare a thought for all the key workers who are still working and keeping the country running. The NHS staff who are working long hours to try and prevent further deaths, shop assistants providing the necessary supplies your family need, other emergency services and many other people playing their vital part.

You too have a vital role-

DO NOT go outside and socialise with other people who do not live in your house.

DO NOT make unnecessary trips to shops.

DO NOT allow your children to play out unsupervised.

DO enjoy being with your own family, who live in your house.

DO take this time to sit back and appreciate what you have and that you are well.

DO reassure your children that everything is going to be OK very soon, it must be an very uncertain and anxious time for them too.

The sooner everyone follows these simple rules, the sooner we can ALL get back to normal life. We are all in this together. Stay safe, stay inside and save lives.

The entries just keep on coming!

Here is Jordan’s Easter bonnet, I really like the lights.

More Easter entries

Here are Hollie, Ryder and Lotty-Shay’s entries. It’s amazing what you can find in your craft box.

Otis has been keeping busy

He has been keeping very busy, here are some of the things he has been doing:

• Baked flapjack and made rocky road (lasted less than 24 hrs) 
• finished the book he was reading and has now started on a David Walliams, Otis has a huge amount of books but never gets a chance to sit and read for pleasure until now. 
• please see attached the list of awards Otis has received from IXL online, it’s such a good website. 
• we have also been using Draw with Rob for a few art sessions but any one who knows Otis knows his passion for art. 
• I have had lots of help in the garden too, a great contribution. 

It was great to hear from Otis again and see all the amazing things he is doing at home, building on his life skills.

More fabulous Egg entries

Here are the entries from the Turner family, including our own Mrs Turner’s. What do you think?

Extreme Earth

Naomi has been busy again and this time she has created an active volcano. What an eruption!

Are you getting your 5-a-day?

McKenzie, Darci- Leigh and Riley definitely are! Here you can see them preparing their fruit platter, before enjoying them.

I hope everyone is finding great ways to stay safe inside.

More egg- cellent entries

Here are entries from Hollie, Ryder, Miley and Abi. Aren’t they egg-cellent?

Easter competition entries

We are only one day into our competition and already have Easter competition entries!

Here is Abi’s Alice in Wonderland themed bonnet.

Mr Cl…egg our site manager, has also entered himself!!!

All entries to be sent to kwfieldlane713@brighterfuturesmat.org,uk by Friday 17th April. Please include your child’s name and class.

We can’t wait to see your masterpieces.

Baking Friday!

We must all have been having that ‘baking Friday’ feeling!’ Here are Alexie and Jorgie baking cornflake buns. They look yummy girls.

What baking have others been doing this week?

They are also would like to show everyone their gorgeous new member to their family. Stay safe everyone.

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