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Year 1’s Cinema Treat

For our fantastic hard work and excellent behaviour so far this year, we got to spend the morning of Pudsey day at the cinemas. Here we are, waiting eagerly for the film to start. We watched Mary & the Witch’s Flower.

You need to help others if they are stuck

We have been very busy completing our Commando Joe missions in Year 1. Friday afternoon is our mission time! Steve Backshall has asked us to help him on some important wildlife treks. This week we had to work together as a team to rescue some endangered koalas from a tree.

In our previous missions, we have packed our bags for our trek…

We have returned a stranded whale to the sea…

& we have gathered the crocodile eggs up before they were eaten.

Phew! I wonder what Steve will ask us to do next!

KS1 A Soldier’s Tale

Year 1 & Year 2 joined together this week to find out all about a soldier’s experience during WWI. We found out lots about how to sign up to the army, what life was like in the trenches and looked at some of the medals and equipment used.

We loved joining in!!

Y1 have learnt about Remembrance

We have been learning this week about Remembrance day and the significance of poppies. We have also learnt that this year is 100 years since the end of WW1. We have done lots of art work based on poppies and it looks lovely around our class. Take a look!


Our Sense of Smell

Year 1 have been learning about the senses this half term.
Last week we investigated our sense of smell. We had to detect which smells were the same and different.