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Circuit Experiment

What is the effect of changing the number and voltage of cells in an electrical circuit?

Today year 6 looked at whether increasing the voltage would effect the brightness of the bulb.

We found that the higher the voltage the brighter the bulb.



Drama in reading

Our new literacy novel this term is Holes by Louis Sacher. We have started exploring the text, making predictions, retrieving information about the main character and in our reading lesson today, we have been looking at reading a part of a story to convey meaning and emotion.

At the end of the lesson we shared our performances to the class.


Mission 7

‘The number one priority is shelter’

This week, we have successfully escaped so we need to build ourselves shelter. Children were given a range of equipment and then had to decide how they would build their shelter.

We were lucky to have some helpers from nursery, who enjoyed testing whether our shelters were waterproof or not.

Take a look at our mission. 

Anti-bullying Week

This week is ‘Anti bullying Week’. In year 6, we were lucky to have a visit from the police, who discussed what bullying is and what we need to do if we ever experience being bullied. We has a very informative afternoon and we re-visited lots of things relating to bullying.

On Monday, we also had ‘Odd Socks Day’ We have also been doing various activities relating to anti-bullying.


Darwin Class – Mission 6

‘Do what’s easy and your life will be hard’

This week’s mission involved children deciding on a clear route.
Children have now successfully moved from northern to southern France and they need to cross the Pyrenees Mountains into Spain, a neutral country. Nancy Wake attempted this and was successful on her 6th attempt.

Children had three routes and they had to make a decision on the safest and quickest route. However, during the mission night fall was upon them and they had to navigate through the route in darkness.

Wr successfully completed the mission, deciding on the most effective route.

Girls Football Match

Field Lane won 6-1 in a recent football match against The Mount. A hat-trick was scored and a superb goal in the top right-hand corner was scored.

The girls were amazing and they look forward to playing their next match.

100 Years

Year 2 have been busy producing some excellent art to celebrate 100 years since the end of WW1.

Take a look at our fabulous work.

100 Years

To celebrate 100 years since WW1 ending, year 6 have taken part in various activities. Children have completed some excellent artwork and in literacy have been writing description of the battlefield and have re-created their own version of the famous poem, ‘Flanders Field’.

Also, children took part ‘ A soldier’s Tale’ workshop, where they got to see real artefact and hear the story of a soldier during WW1.

Take a look at our excellent work.

Victorian Classroom Experience

Year 6 have been learning lots about the Victorian era. They enjoyed a trip to Bradford Industrial Museum, where they enjoyed taking part in a classroom experience. Children took part in arithmetic, drawing and the object lesson.